American Architectural History - Early Georgian

Early Georgian - Religious

Trinity Church

Newport, RI

Richard Munday, 1725

Early Georgian religious structures, exemplified in Trinity Church, share these characteristics:

  • high steeple to emphasize importance of religion in colonial life

  • pulpit centered on main isle

  • family dedicated pews

Trinity Church has a ship-like interior structure, which seems to have been a natural outgrowth of Richard Munday's shipbuilding background. Trinity Church also expanded from 5 bays to 7 bays by adding to the middle of the structure. 

Early Georgian - Civic

Colony House

Newport, RI

Richard Munday, 1739


Architectural Early Georgian characteristics of the Colony House include:

  • brick exterior, as it was a very precious material at the time

  • large decorative porch and pediment for public announcements and ceremonies

  • arched-top dormers

  • gambrel sloped roof

  • decorative balustrade

The "Georgian period" was names after King George (I, II, & III). The structure of the building was ship-like, much as Trinity Church is, as builder and architect Richard Munday had a shipbuilding background. The Colony House served as a legislative capital for Rhode Island until the early 20th century. It was also featured as the court setting for Steven Speilberg's movie, Amistad.