CYC Racquet Facility

Having used an old farm building for many years, the Conanicut Yacht Club racquet committee knew they needed a new structure but like the charm and simplicity of the old building. WE won the competition to create the new structure, located more proximate to the courts but with the vernacular charm and features the members wanted.

Publick House

A4 Architecture was asked to design a replacement for 1960’s era rooms with something more historically appropriate to the main hotel building which dated back to colonial days.

Harbourview Condos Rooftop Deck

A4 Architecture is committed to making every project as positive an addition to its owner as possible. What began as a simple roof replacement project was upgraded to the creation of a rooftop garden amenity when we saw that was largely being wasted. Now the rooftop garden is enjoyed by many and has become one of the most valuable selling features of the condominium units.